To find out if an experiment is running on your website, visit the site you have setup your experiments on in Private/Incognito Mode.

To see different versions of the experiments, you must completely exit out of private/incognito mode and repeat the above step again. Sometimes, you need to this 3-4 times before you're shown the different variation.

There are two reasons why you need to completely exit out of private/incognito mode to see different variations:

  1. We track unique visitors to your experiments only (if you visit the website 5 times, you will only be counted as 1 visit).

  2. You will see the same experiment you originally saw the first time you visited your website (even on your 10th visit!).

Since you see the same variation over and over again, you need to trick the system into believing that you are a completely unique user. This can be achieved by visiting your site in a private/incognito mode.

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