Looking at the Experiments Dashboard for the first time can be overwhelming. So we've broken everything down to help you understand it better.

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  1. Pause all the experiments on your project.

  2. Modify experiments button takes you back to the experiments setup and allows you to add, delete or modify your experiments. For example, if you have an experiment with multiple headlines, you can modify the headlines.

  3. This drop-down works in conjunction with #4. You can select multiple experiments and delete them.

  4. A checkbox to select the experiment. You can delete the experiment by clicking on "Actions" drop-down menu in #3.

  5. EXPERIMENTS: This column lists all the Sub-Experiments that are running or will run.

  6. PROBABILITY TO BEAT CONTROL: This column shows the probability of an experiment or sub-experiment to perform better than the Control.

  7. Uniques: The number of unique visitors to an experiment or sub-experiment.

  8. Conv: The number of conversions each experiment or sub-experiment has generated.

  9. Improvement: The percentage each experiment or sub-experiment has increased or decreased conversions compared to the Control.

  10. PROGRESS: Tracks how far along the experiment or sub-experiment is at.

  11. ACTIONS: Options to preview the experiment, view detailed conversion stats, delete a sub-experiment, manually mark a experiment as "Fail" or "Success" or reset experiment.

  12. Symbol indicates experiment failed (decreased conversions).

  13. Symbol indicates experiment was successful (increase conversions).

  14. Symbol indicates experiment is currently running.

  15. Symbol indicates experiments are in queue and will start once previous experiment is finished.

  16. The ability to reorder the sub-experiments up or down.

  17. The ability to reorder experiments up or down.

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