• The Experiment

  • Purpose/Hypothesis

  • Conversion Impact

The Experiment:

This experiment maximizes your video, and displays a prompt below that tells the visitor to wait until they've watched a portion of the video. After visitors have watched a portion of the video, a button will be revealed to them which will minimize the video and allow them to interact with your page like normal. The video continues playing (no longer maximized).

image showing expanded video


  • If you've got a video on your page that convinces people about your product/service, it can be a good idea to not let the user do anything else until they've watched at least half your video so that they are forced to listen to your message and not get distracted by the rest of the page.

  • Expanding the size of the video to take up the entire screen encourages a visitor to focus on the content of the video (prevent visitors from scrolling away).

Conversion Impact:

Studies have shown this experiment to improve conversion rates by over 33%.

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