• The Experiment

  • Purpose/Hypothesis

  • Conversion Impact

  • Pro Tips

The Experiment:

This experiment allows you to test different Subheadlines on your webpage.




  • The subheadline is the second most important element on your website and it should reaffirm why your reader is on the page and act as a primer for the story that the page is going to tell.

  • The wording in Subheadlines might be a little tricky to "get right". Testing different Subheadlines will allow you get a better idea of how your visitors think and what they respond to (what converts more).

Conversion Impact:

In an experiment where the subheadline was changed to “Sign-up takes less than 60 seconds.” performed 30% better than “Pay as you go. 30-day free trial on all accounts.”

Pro Tips:

  • Be sure to relate your Subheadline content to the Heading content.

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