• The Experiment

  • Purpose/Hypothesis

  • Conversion Impact

  • Pro Tips

The Experiment:

This experiment will allow you to change the videos on your webpage




  • If you've got a video on your page, this experiment will allow you to test between different video options to see which one performs the best.

  • Testing a few different videos can have a dramatic impact on your conversion rates as it's most likely the first thing after the headline and subheadline that visitors will look at.

  • Certain features of your videos can have a significant impact on your videos' conversation rates.

Conversion Impact:

The results of this will vary depending on your niche. An experiment which was tested in the weight loss niche, video with the male’s voice converted higher than the female voice. But this could easily be a different case for your product or service. We recommend testing different types of videos against one another to find the most optimal creative for your audience.

Pro Tips:

These are a few features that can impact your videos' conversion rates:

Video length: Demo/Sales videos should generally be around 5 minutes long. Videos that are longer (~10 minutes) may not be watched completely and important information at the end of a video may be missed.

Thumbnail: Thumbnails can be very important, as they can include: the title of the video, as well as certain facts or images that can intrigue website visitors to click and watch. Ensure your thumbnails contain some/all of these elements in order to attract visitors.

Voiceover: Depending on your industry/niche, different accents, genders, tones in a voiceover may impact how your video's message is received.

Animated vs Filmed: Depending on your industry/niche, animations may be more suited for: demo or informative video. For videos featuring physical products or emotional messages, filmed video may perform better.

Actors/Actresses: Similar to voiceovers, physical appearances, personalities and the voices of actors/actresses featured in your videos may impact how your video's message is received.

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