• The Experiment

  • Purpose/Hypothesis

  • Conversation Impact

  • Pro Tips

The Experiment:

This allows you to change the text in your headlines




  • The headline is arguably the single most important element on your website. It usually the first thing visitors see, and should display your value proposition with clarity so your visitors immediately understand what you are offering and why they need it.

  • However, the wording in headlines can sometimes be a little tricky to "get right". This is why testing different headlines will allow you to easily find the best version that "works".

  • Testing different headlines is also a great way to learn how your visitors think and what they respond to.

Conversion Impact:

Depending on your niche, target market and product, your results will vary a lot. In an experiment observed where a sales page tested three different headlines, the 3rd headline increased conversion rates from 24% to 54% — an increase of 125%.

Pro Tips:

A few examples of headline elements you can experiment with:

  • Word choice

  • Usage of numbers

  • Tone

  • Length - We recommend a length of between 8 - 18 words

If your business is international, it is also important to make sure your headlines translate well.

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