• The Experiment

  • Purpose/Hypothesis

  • Conversion Impact

  • Pro Tips

The Experiment:

This allows you to change the color of the your buttons, as well as the text inside them.

The following settings are available:

  • Red Button + White Text

  • Yellow Button + Black Text

  • Green Button + White Text

  • Blue Button + White Text




  • Website visitors may subconsciously be more likely to click on buttons with certain colors rather than others.

  • You'll be surprised how big of an impact changing the colors of your buttons has. It's worth trying all the major color combinations on all your major buttons on the page to see how that changes conversion rates.

Conversion Impact:

In an experiment testing a green button vs. red button, the red button outperformed the green button. The red button increased conversions by 34%.

Pro Tip:

  • Certain button colours may not match a website's theme, however they may still convert better.

  • If button colours are a dull colour, changing to a bright colour will make it more noticeable and more likely to be clicked on.

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