• The Experiment

  • Purpose/Hypothesis

  • Conversion Impact

  • Pro Tips

The Experiment:

Change the color of your headline to red.




  • Red is known to be an attention grabbing color (e.g. stop signs, red lights, etc).

  • Red headlines increases the chances of it being noticed and read.

  • Red also signifies to importance of the headline.

Conversion Impact:

Marketers know that red almost always wins even though it may not match the site design. In an experiment that changed the headline color from blue to red increased conversions from 3% to 12.5% — an increase of 313%!

That is remarkable and something we suggest you definitely should run as an experiment on your page as well. Even if it makes your page ugly!

Pro Tips:

  • Only use the this experiment if red text will be easily legible with your current background color. You can consider changing your background color in order to use this experiment.

  • Red text may not match your website's design, however it is still recommended that you try this experiment

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